At City Gongfu KIDS, we focus on the development of the child. Classes are carefully geared to specific age groups so learning is fun, structured and engaging. Training involves a range of different drills, partner exercises, games and forms to ensure that practice is enjoyable and challenging.  

As well as the obvious health, fitness and self-defence benefits, children learn the values of respect, self-discipline, avoiding conflict and helping others through our Kung Fu Code of Conduct. Students can also progress through the club grading system in which they are awarded coloured sashes for each level achieved. 

City Gongfu KIDS not only provides out of school classes in Clifton and Long Ashton but also morning and after-school clubs at schools in Bristol through our Schools Programme. If you think your local school might be interested in setting up a kids kung fu club, please get in touch! 


The core principles of Wing Chun can be summarised as: using efficiency of motion, maintaining relaxation, attacking while defending and employing optimum angles so as to avoid force against force.

Stance, structure & balance
A correct Wing Chun stance is like bamboo, firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. Using a solid stance and structure enables the practitioner to deflect and control external forces.

Performing techniques in a relaxed manner, is fundamental to Wing Chun as it increases striking speed, saves energy and enables the practitioner to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. 

Wing Chun training focuses on effective positioning and use of structure to control and strike along the most direct and central line between the practitioner and assailant.
The straight punch is the most common strike in Wing Chun. It is usually delivered with the elbow down, fist vertical and body behind the strike. Traditionally, Wing Chun kicks are kept below the waist. They are used for both attack and defence, with legs being used to check incoming kicks or to take the initiative in striking.
Chi Sau (sticking hands)
Chi Sau acts as a bridge between the forms and real-life combat. It is a training method that enables practitioners to develop a high level of contact sensitivity, quick reflexes, correct body alignment and striking/trapping/tripping skills. 


Sifu Kee, the founder of City Gongfu KIDS, is a qualified primary school teacher, martial arts instructor and sports coach. He began studying martial arts in 1994 while at university and took up Wing Chun in 2004, becoming an instructor in 2010.  
  • primary school teacher (PGCE)
  • began martial arts in 1994, studying various styles
  • began Wing Chun in 2004 attaining instructor level in 2010
  • fitness instructor and sports coach
  • insured member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Paediatric First Aider
  • public liability insured
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