The City Gongfu Schools Programme provides successful morning and after school clubs at schools in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

In addition to the obvious benefits of improved fitness, health and coordination, our schools programme also promotes and instills the values of respect, self-discipline, avoiding conflict and helping others as part of its Kung Fu Code of Conduct. As such, our programme is highly effective in supporting behaviour for learning and promoting anti-bullying in schools. Particular attention is taken to practising forms, which aids children’s ability to achieve a sense of calm, mindfulness and self-discipline.

Unlike other martial arts, Wing Chun Gongfu does not focus on strength and power but rather softness and relaxation, using the body’s natural structure to help deflect and control energy. This principle of blending is also taught as a strategy to diffuse arguments and tensions between individuals before they can escalate. 

Another advantage of Wing Chun is that it does not put excessive pressure on children’s joints and affect their natural development. Technical skills are taught and practised in a controlled manner. Hence, Wing Chun is a particularly safe and inclusive martial art, which is perfectly suited to teaching children of all ages. 

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